Monday, July 19, 2010

Thanks for the input everyone!

I wanted to say thanks to all of you that gave comments in my last post about Windows 7.   We're going to go ahead and install it and then begin the very scary process of installing these upgrades. o_O

If everything goes according to plans A thru Q, we'll be dicking around with computer stuff most of this week, so I'll probably be a no-show around here and at the chats & forums.  Thank you guys for your input, advice, and help.  I really appreciate it!

Soooooo...wish me luck & a wee bit of juju that all of this works out.  If not....I guess I've got one sweet-ass paperweight on my hands......

Take care dudes  ^_^

*hugs & noogies*


  1. good juju and whatnots. i know how computering can go lol

  2. Good luck !!

    Just to let you know, everything worked out with Windows 7, The Sims, all CC and my new laptop. So considering all other previous comments, there is a very good chance Windows 7 will work for you too !! :)

  3. Fingers crossed. It should be fine, providing you don't install any dodgey CC/

    Btw, I wanted to apologise for that post I made again, it's just I was upset and took it personly and you're too good a friend for me to lose. Anyways, if you tell me to piss off, I'll completely understand. Sorry.

  4. good luck Cel!! :D cant wait to hear about your awesome new upgrades when all is installed and done :3 yay! *hugs*