Friday, July 9, 2010

Teeny Tiny Update - NEW BLOG GAME

Blame Kelle for this addictive little gem - I've added Crush the Castle to my small game collection here.  Due to the larger screen size, it is located at the very bottom of the blog.

It's basic but challenging and a lot of fun (reminiscent of some of the games on  Using a trebuchet, you must bombard your enemy's flimsy little castle, complete with Royal inhabitants whom you must kill (pretty sure they did SOMETHING to deserve it...).  As you progress through the levels (24 in all), you will acquire new projectiles for the trebuchet to help.....well...crush the castles (and the poor saps stationed in and outside).   Some levels are harder than others, but none are so brutal that you'll lose much hair (some clumps & chunks, maybe; but not the whole payload).

This flash game is addictive and surprisingly therapeutic in a simplistic, semi-violent way.   It's castle-and-people-crushing mAdNe$S, so check it out.  Particularly awesome if you're bored as hell...which, considering the fact that you're HERE, you very well might be...


  1. Funny thing, I ALWAYS come here when I'm bored. I mean, C-box, funny posts cool games and a awesome music player. XD

    Anyways, that game DEFFO seems like fun! I love violence!

    Again, sorry for abandoning you on chat. I dunno what is WITH this laptop. It'sa pain in the arse.

  2. LOL I'm glad you like it! Kelle is the one that told us about the game, and it's so addicting...

    I'm sorry for not updating my blog more often. :( I want to give you guys something to look at when you come here, but I guess I never feel that I have much interesting to say. Bah.

    And you do NOT need to apologize for the chat thing. Hell, my internet shut off the other night when I was on Cece's chat and it looked like I TOTALLY abandoned everyone right in the middle of some good (dirty) conversation. That stuff happens, no worries at all!

    **bear hugs** Thank you for dropping by here! I'll try to come up with more interesting stuff to look at ^_^

  3. *hugs back* You should see what I update mine with!! XD Trust me, it's really shitty.

    And that just gives us a excuse to talk more. YAY!!

  4. rofl!!! well im glad you liked it hahaha i think im gonna go play it now. :D

    and this is me commenting on your blog xD

  5. What?!? There was dirty conversations on my site?!?! Where was I? :( Lol!!

    Love the tiny print Cel...Now...let's see what this game is all about!

  6. That game is so awesome, and addictive. It's funny when the people get crushed and the blood comes out :D

    I sounded like a sicko then xD

  7. LOL ikr phoebe! I can barely play for my husband hogging it now.

  8. I always get to the last level and then fail, i can't go anywhere else! BOOOOOOO!!!!