Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy 8/9/10!

I didn't get a chance to post this at 11:12am, lol (8/9/10 11:12....).

Hope everyone is doing well!  I've been out of commission for a while with computer issues.  I have to get a new graphics card much sooner than I had planned -- the damn thing died on me last week when I tried to install Ambitions (rip were beloved...).  I had to drop out of Evie's Kawaii competition and put all of my other (crappy) projects on hold, and trying to do anything on this laptop is aggravating at best.  Hopefully things will be up & running this week...*crosses fingers til they break off*

So what's going on with everyone?  Any interesting projects or creations or other RL shiz?  I have to live vicariously through you guys for a little while, lol.

I promise to update more often after all this shit blows over, and I want to start on some new sim projects.  The people who visit this hole deserve at least SOMETHING to entertain them, so I WILL deliver on that as soon as I can!

Take care guys!  Enjoy 8/9/10!


  1. That sucks to hear about your technical issues. :( -- Vid made a modeling competition that I entered [my first modeling competition ever] and I'm doing okay so far. I'm definitely enjoying it, as while making houses on TS3 is fun, doing the modeling stuff brings out a whole new level of creativity which is awesome. Hopefully you get back up and running soon!

  2. Ah, see that doesn't work over here :( For us Brits its 9/8/10.
    You American lot are weird, ya know that? XD
    Why do you put the month first O_o i never understood that... but then again, there are a lot of things i don't understand about you =P

    Sorry to hear about the graphics card. That sucks! but atleast you have an excuse to get a shiny new one =D

    Random is working on a project (about the 4th one in the last couple o' months. Hopefully this one will stick XD) Just got meh amphitheatre finished... ish. Lol!

    Hope you be ok ;) XXX

  3. I'm in my first comp ^^

  4. I posted the first assignment to my very first comp and no one hated it. Yays! Now I need a guest judge! I'm also drawing a blank on my gothique pic. :-/
    Hope you get things sorted out dude!

  5. good luck :)
    i hate having puter issues :(

  6. Well...firstly...glad to see Celery has posted on her blog!! Yippee!!

    Myself, well...still working on Cstyles, trying to put Elite together, but I think I will wait until summer is over before I do too much more to it. You know...get a little more member activity.

    I'm working on a house...thinking about uploading it. Not sure. It's just a simple house, basement, 3 bdrs...yada yada blah blah. :)

    Anywho...Random...'we' aren't uh...nope...'we' may be strange..but never weird. Lol!!
    But on a note...our way looks right for us, just as your way looks right for you. Just life and continents I suppose.

  7. Nuuuh, you be weird =P
    I suppose the British way would look weird for you guys too XD never thought of that (facepalm) but it still confuzzles me when The Sims site reverts my settings back to US - i look at the date, and think "wtf, why is it suddenly -insert random month here- when it was August yesterday...?!"

    Yeah... Random has MAJOR blonde moments XD

  8. nothin new's goin on here....well besides me leaving in like *counts on fingers* 6 days. D:

    good luck with the graphic card sis! <3

  9. Oh that is a bummer about your graphics card! Hope you get it fixed soon!
    We (hubs and I) are actually waiting on parts for our compizzle (new motherboard, RAM and CPU) too although our old ones are still working (barely). Looking forward to the day when I can load my game in less than 15 minutes. XD

  10. Thanks you guys! I cannot WAIT to get this damn card and get my computer running again! This laptop is pretty slow...i'm having some serious computer withdrawal, but I've had time to brainstorm some ideas that I'd like to try out in the near future (mostly sim pics & a short story or two).

    AE, Abby, Zeri, & Vid -- good luck to you guys in your competitions, and Vid, good luck hosting your comp! It sounds like fun :D I'll be sure to keep up with you guys and lurk lurk lurk!

    Randall -- lol *glomps* I wondered if someone would mention the month/date/year thing, xD. I guess you'll have it next month, right? lol, having my own blonde moment here...

    Cece! get crackin' on that Elite section, will ya? j/k! Seriously, don't over-work yourself. Things are smooooooth sailing over there, so no need to stress, okay??? *hugs*

    Flutterby -- thank you for commenting! :D We just upgraded our mobo, ram, & cpu too, and I was PLANNING on using my old graphics card until we could get a new one in a couple of months, but shit happens I guess, lol! Congratulations on your new components -- I'd love to hear how everything goes once you guys get everything set up!

    Kellebean! *hugs* thank you for listening to me ramble on and on and on about this computer shiz...I'm starting to get anxious about your move...o_O (not in a bad way!)