Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lack of Updates and Sim Pic Nostalgia

I've been so consumed with computer stuff for the past couple of weeks that I haven't tried to update a damn thing (please wish me luck & good ju-ju on getting this thang put together soon).  I'm sorry to be such a bore! 

I was sorting through some of my oldest competition shots with some guys on Cece's chatbox the other day, and I came across some of my favorites from Bitten's old competition, "I'm No Dummy".  If you don't remember it or weren't a participant, you really missed out -- she and the other judges put together one helluva fun contest!

One of our assignments was Skiver (I had never even heard of the word at the time, oy), and we all had to show our model engaging in some type of hooky activity, calling in sick to work or school and showing what they did with the free time.  As difficult as it was, I had a blast making that pic -- getting all the extras to do exactly what I wanted them to in the shot was a little crazy at first, but the little pixelated hellions really worked with me, lol (these are some of my favorite extras ever).

click image and watch it magically grow before your very eyes!
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My model, Piper O'Shea, and her granola gang

This pic brings back so many memories of college to me -- I used to hang out with people like that all the time (wacky, fun-loving free spirits, somewhere between hippie and goddamn odd), and it would be so cool to just crash somewhere with food and music and take pictures and debate philosophy all that jazz. And it also reminded me that there was a time long long loooooong ago that I actually LIKED this time of year. It's so damn hot now that I can barely stand to go outside at all, much less hang out there for any length. o_O  And while I've always hated the heat and preferred the cooler/cold months, there's something to be said about reveling in the sun and fun of summertime.  Blistering, suffocatingly hot summertime.  Just...chokes the shit outta ya.

Just a random silly memory...I'm painfully (and embarrassingly) nostalgic. :P

~ ~ Some never-before-seen-or-remotely-cared-about-extra-pics ~ ~


  1. Oh my goshness, where did ya get that camera? O_O

    Nice pics aswell, Cel =D puts me in the mind of "Organised Clutter" Lol! X

  2. Very, very nice pics !! Wow... getting a bit nostalgic myself; all kinds of memories resurface when I was young... Ooohh, really loved those times !! Nostalgia, nostalgia, love to be nostalgic...;D

    Don't like that blistering & humid heat, get cranky and restless, loose focus & inspiration.
    On Tuesday it was kind of like that in Holland, absolutely hate it....:\

  3. I think those pictures are awesome :D Makes me want to break out my game. (stupid chores today D:)

  4. Those are some really cool shots there!
    I'd probably fit right in XD

  5. Awesome pics Cel!! I love 'em!! =-D

  6. They are really cool. By looking at them I can tell you had fun taking them. They have a nice feeling, of happiness and togetherness :P

  7. Hey, I remember that pic!! That's when I(and the rest of the world, prolly) realised how freakin awesome you are! Was I in that comp?...can't remember...

  8. LMAO Kash -- yeah, that pic was from "I'm No Dummy" -- you were in that one! You blew all of us away with the Guitar Hero pic (same assignment), and I thought that was one of the coolest frikkin sim pics I had ever SEEN -- it was a damn awesome concept.

    Thanks everyone! :D

  9. Oh yeah! Whatever happened to that comp? Everyone neglected it... :( I remember we had to do a scene from a movie and I did The Breakfast Club...but everyone just disappeared...

  10. BittenAngel left and Berry had no idea what happened to her. Berry was one of the co-hosts and asked us what we all wanted to do -- go on with the comp with just her as judge (she had 10 other things going on besides that), or just let it die. We ended up letting it die because she was simply too busy, and we never heard from Bitten again. :(

    You know, I never did find out what happened with that, maybe something going on in her personal life, but at least we know she's alive & well now! xD (Bitten, if you see this, don't kill me!)

  11. I absoulutely adore these pictures! So bohemian and chill! We must chat about your computer!!! Did your cpu come in yet??

  12. I think that was around the time I got incredibly bored with the forums and left... *shrug*

  13. That is one of my favoritest pics ever. I remember seeing it and just being floored, and I still am. I don't know how you got such a flow of action and kept it all synchronized. The picture is full of life without being chaotic, and your model is still the complete focus. Amazing.

    I'm still young so you know... no nostalgia yet. Once I'm old and decrepit like some folks (not you of course) I'm sure it will come

  14. Thank you RD :D I haven't tried to get that many sims together in one shot since that competition. Just too much hair-pulling work... o_O

    LOL and you're plenty old enough to have nostalgic memories! ^_^