Monday, July 19, 2010

Thanks for the input everyone!

I wanted to say thanks to all of you that gave comments in my last post about Windows 7.   We're going to go ahead and install it and then begin the very scary process of installing these upgrades. o_O

If everything goes according to plans A thru Q, we'll be dicking around with computer stuff most of this week, so I'll probably be a no-show around here and at the chats & forums.  Thank you guys for your input, advice, and help.  I really appreciate it!

Soooooo...wish me luck & a wee bit of juju that all of this works out.  If not....I guess I've got one sweet-ass paperweight on my hands......

Take care dudes  ^_^

*hugs & noogies*

Friday, July 16, 2010

Any Issues with Windows 7 and Sims?

I know this question has already been asked on the TS3 Forum, but I wanted to ask you guys if you've had any bad/weird/wonky issues with Windows 7 and TS3 (I'm still on XP).

This computer upgrade is hobbling along slowly but surely, LOL.  I'm hoping to start installing a couple of components next week, and then deal with the graphics card issue by the end of the summer (hopefully o_O).

Thanks in advance for any input, no matter how big or small!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Message from the Great Beyond

...Seeing as how I'm 'dead' now, and all.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Simmer Spotlight: Recognizing Rexy!

It goes without saying that we have a community of supremely talented people, folks who churn out creations that should be published, or at the very LEAST incite slobbering jaw-droppery.

Case in point - Simmersaurus Rex, aka "Rexy". 

The girl's got more raw talent in her pinky nail than some people can find in a whole neighborhood.  Most of us have seen (and been WOWED by) her work, but one of Rexy's best contributions to the simming community has been her highly successful "Rexy's Guide to Editing".

Using easy-to-follow steps, large colorful example pics, and insanely helpful tips & hints, Rexy has assembled one of the very best editing tutorials ever seen in the community.  It's compiled more like an actual booklet, complete with large headers and indexes, than a simple 1, 2, 3 set of instructions.

The lessons are neatly ordered and sequential, allowing students to build upon the skills they have acquired thus far.  There is such a warm, inviting, positive vibe within -- everyone encourages everyone else, and constructive criticism is welcomed and eagerly accepted.  Some students are already fairly seasoned editors, and others have never attempted an editing job at all.  The hints and tutorials are presented in an incredibly clear, straightforward manner, and lessons are helpful and relevant for everyone from complete novices to editing "gurus".

And Rexy is ever-present in the thread, always on-hand to offer helpful suggestions and positive, detailed feedback.  She maintains a vibrant, supportive atmosphere in the thread, and students cheerfully follow suit.

"Rexy's Guide to Editing" is a huge asset to the community, something that she has taken the lengthy time and effort to offer for her fellow simmers.  Even if you're not the editing sort, take a minute to look it over if you haven't already.  There's truly something for everyone, and, being a constant work in progress, there's much more to come!

Also, Rexy's wickedly awesome Sim Lair is full of funny, upbeat posts and more spectacular pictures, and her companion Photo Gallery blog embodies some of the very best of her many works of sim art.  Like so many others in this kooky community of ours, she's a great friend and a huge inspiration!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Teeny Tiny Update - NEW BLOG GAME

Blame Kelle for this addictive little gem - I've added Crush the Castle to my small game collection here.  Due to the larger screen size, it is located at the very bottom of the blog.

It's basic but challenging and a lot of fun (reminiscent of some of the games on  Using a trebuchet, you must bombard your enemy's flimsy little castle, complete with Royal inhabitants whom you must kill (pretty sure they did SOMETHING to deserve it...).  As you progress through the levels (24 in all), you will acquire new projectiles for the trebuchet to help.....well...crush the castles (and the poor saps stationed in and outside).   Some levels are harder than others, but none are so brutal that you'll lose much hair (some clumps & chunks, maybe; but not the whole payload).

This flash game is addictive and surprisingly therapeutic in a simplistic, semi-violent way.   It's castle-and-people-crushing mAdNe$S, so check it out.  Particularly awesome if you're bored as hell...which, considering the fact that you're HERE, you very well might be...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lack of Updates and Sim Pic Nostalgia

I've been so consumed with computer stuff for the past couple of weeks that I haven't tried to update a damn thing (please wish me luck & good ju-ju on getting this thang put together soon).  I'm sorry to be such a bore! 

I was sorting through some of my oldest competition shots with some guys on Cece's chatbox the other day, and I came across some of my favorites from Bitten's old competition, "I'm No Dummy".  If you don't remember it or weren't a participant, you really missed out -- she and the other judges put together one helluva fun contest!