Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cell Phone mAdNess...Any recommendations?

I want a new phone, dammit.  I had a Razr a few years ago and it was great, and 2 years ago I switched to my current cell, a Samsung Rant.  Don't get me wrong, the Rant is a cute lil gizmo; slide-out keyboard, PURPLE, sturdy, pretty reliable, takes ok photos, PURPLE...I've enjoyed it, but i'm itching for a Smartphone.  I've never felt like I needed one, but....wayell....there are some decent deals out there right now, yada yada.  I don't have a data plan with the Rant, so no sending pictures or checking email or any of those luxury goodies.  I've gotten along fine without them this far,'d be nice.  Our Sprint contract is up in a few weeks, and we think it might not be such a bad idea to not only switch phones (again), but also carriers.

The top-tier phones are out of my price-range now (my kindom for a Samsung Galaxy S 4G), but upgrading later is a possibility.  So far my top contender is the LG Optimus T (T-Mobile), a good entry-level Smartphone.  It has a bunch of features that I'm looking for and that seem pretty good (Android 2.2, better camera than my current one, wifi & 3G, wifi hotspot capable, blah blah blah), and the features/luxuries that are lacking aren't deal-breakers.  There's just a dizzying array of phones on the market for ALL price points, and while I can sort thru them according to what I do & do not want and need, getting reviews from real users is invaluable info, and I'm the most indecisive person I know, so that doesn't help at all.  I'm not stuck on having to have the latest & greatest & best of every new gadget out there, but a new phone is pretty appealing for some reason.

And yeah, there's iPhone....I'm not anti-Apple in any way, I've just never been very feverish about them.  An iPod Touch, maybe, phone, meh.  They're cool as crap though.

So any recommendations, maybe experience with your current phone or things you've heard?  iPhone users please weigh in too >,< - I'd like all the input I can get (novels welcome as always around here), and NOT just from Smartphone users.  Thanks guys <3