Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Friends in Low Places - Come Share Your Stories!

In my last blog post, I talked about the cool friends I've made through the Gothique Beauty competition; people that have truly inspired me and made me feel like 'one of the dudes'.

That got me thinking about friendships that others have formed.  It doesn't take a long to stroll around the community to discover some of the more well known & infamous bonds, but there must be dozens and dozens of other interesting and wacky friendship stories out there!

So to celebrate all that's actually right & bright with this unique community of ours, let's sit around the campfire (or more like flaming lawn gnome) and recount some of our most awesome memories of friendships and bonds that we've formed within the community. Share as little or as much as you want (this is NOT a novel-free zone) -- maybe you remember a person that helped you through a difficult time or coaxed you out of your shell, or maybe you clicked with another simmer (or simmers) who shared the same quirky interests as youDid you get banned with another person and end up bonding in the slammer? (aka 72-Hoursville)

Please feel free share!  No pressure to fit in stories of EVERY person you've connected with, but if you have any particularly funny/crazy/inspiring/fucked up/touching experiences that you'd like to recount, give a shout! (censor & length-restriction-free!)

*  Viva la Sims Community! Like it or lump it, we're one helluva 'hood! ^_^   *


  1. One of the first Simmie friends I made on the TS3 site was HelBelle. It was way back in the day before my stories and blogs, and we struck up a rapport as we discovered things we had in common- such as staying on the forums until all hours of the morning :P I haven't seen her around for a while- people come and go from the Sims sites as you know- but her being there in the beginning was uber nice for me; it really made me feel welcome.

    Later on came Randomspirit. I first met Randy when we were both in a modeling competition and were amused by the pervyness of one of those Mega Lord Sponge things in my assignment photo :P I got to know her more later through the Supernatural Thread, and I spent many a fun time on there with her, Miracle, Kelle, Megan, and others. Good times XD

    And finally to my bestie Bitten ;) I'm not sure what to say on the gal, other than she's clearly all kinds of awesome and she really makes my Simming experience even more funtastic with her super sense of humour. I've lost count of the number of times I've been crying with laughter at my comp >_< LY Blizz!

    I've met many other awesome peoples besides, too many to state, but I just thought I'd do a brief(ish) mention of some of my faves.... Apparently it turned into a bit of an essay :P

    Much love to all the Simmers out there!

  2. Thank you for commenting Fury! I can definitely see the bond you have with Bitten & Random -- it's cool to hear the "origin stories", lol

  3. @Fury: Omg, the pervy sponge xD That was epic! (what bleedin' comp was that, anyways? I cannot member its name >_<)

    I was a right proper lurker, before i started The Supernatural Thread. Basically everyone i speak to now, knows me through that or the odd competition i entered, here and there xD

    Obviously there's ole Red up thar =P in all honesty, i thought she was a tad weird at first (back when it was still "FuryRed" and "Randomspirit" Lol!) with all her "We'm" and "Cannee" and saying "Am" instead of "Are" Lol!
    Don't get me wrong, she's still weird =P but now i loves her for it.
    There are a lot of multiple-hour long, seriously fucked up convo's in our past, that i would never change for anything <3

    The lovely Miss Kelle :) If i remember correctly, she spent a total of 700+ posts completely dedicated to The Supernatural Thread.
    We then got talking on MSN, and started comparing celebrities we thought were hot xD
    Ebil girl used to torment me with seriously drool-worthy pictures =P
    I need to install MSN on my new compooter again, methinks, Lol!

    Then there's you, Cel :)
    I always saw you around the forums, posting stuffs here and there =P i can't remember the actual first time i spoke to you (sorry!! :( ) but i do remember when i stolled your email address (well not really... i warned you first, after you posted it on Gothique, Lol!)
    The random convo's about gold/platinum sim pages, and You and "your dude" will always stick in my head =D

    The rest of the "crew" from Supernatural thread: Chicago, Megan, Turtle, Grace, Miracle, etc, etc. Our awesome off-topic discussions were epic xD
    Favourite snacks
    Buffy vs Twilight
    Rubbers and Erasers
    Can't believe we never got banned for any of them :O

    Those weird/random/cool simself stories that BittenAngel started =P thats right - tis your fault =D
    The asylum-thing was brill though, so you're forgiven, Haha!

    Evie and her awesome-o comp, that was awesome =D

    Oh! and then there's the whole "Flying Monkeys, Dinosaurs and Sporks" fiasco =D
    Refresher courses:
    http://ramblingsofrandomspirit.blogspot.com/2010/01/jimbobs-and-flying-monkeys.html ;)

    WOW, this was long O_O and i missed people out >_<
    Too many nice people play the sims! Haha!


  4. Coyadre-We weren't friends till not that long ago. I was reading his story muervado, and commented on it. We shared the same sense of humor. Then, when his story got moved to stories and legacies, where all stories without 10 regular followers goes to die, I stayed with him and bumped his thread to help him. Now, we usually comment with each other on the game threads, his picture thread for ethnic sims, and party threads.

    Rexy-I became Rexy's friend, like, 2 weeks ago. I auditioned for her pirate crew story, and me, her, fishgirl, and evergreen sorta just had a fun time while talking like pirates and waiting for results. I didn't win, but we're still friends.

    Abby-I met her when she had a disney disnacy. Me and darkling helped her with her legacy, suggesting names and ideas. We were on our way to being peremanent followers and good friends. Then she never anwsered back. I haven't see Abby in a long time. And I don't expect an anwser anytime soon. But, she was one of my very first friends, and for that, I'm greatful.

    LE-Always nice. Fun. A decent person. She's a great friend and has awesome ideas.

    So many others. But, I'll leave it at that.

  5. @Randy: I think it was called 'Inspire' or summink like that? It was one of those comps that just ended mysteriously in the middle cause the host disappeared- as always seems to happen to the comps I'm in :P

    Yanno I never even realised I knew you from that until we'd be talking on the Supernatural Thread for ages. I was nosing round your studio one dae and I saw your Sim from the competition and just went OHHHHHHHHH! Man I wish I still had that pervy sponge pic :P

  6. ^I'm not the Abby Westie's talking about - I just thought I might point that out for future reference.

    Well, I really don't have any friends here, I guess. There's Amieezilla/chu and yeah, well, our "friendship" was pretty much like that as soon as I talked to her. It was just kinda like, BAM! and we are almost exactly alike. So yeah, never ditchin' my awesome Amieechhhhhhooooooooooooo.
    Um, yes. Amiee's pretty much the only person I got to know well-ish. But, I can list off many people who are very good acquaintances:
    That's really all I can think of now. But yeah, so these are nice people. And Amieechooooo is my bestestest friendzle. :D

  7. @Fury: My goodness, wasn't that around like Christmas? O_O I member now - entered Lucas... whatshisface... xD
    Oh, and here: http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i223/Kirsty90/r1h5eajpg.png

    ;) X

  8. No, I was talking about Abby3662. Not you. I don't even know you. Sorry.

    Nice to meet you. I'm Westie, known as Chocolateaddic100 at TS3 forums.

  9. LOL this is exactly what I was hoping to see -- these are all awesome stories! ^_^ And it doesn't matter if you have one story or one hundred!

    Thank you guys SO much for sharing! This is so cool, lol!

  10. Well Cel what can i say, you have to be one of my favs that I have met! Thanks to Gothique. Always make me laugh and sometimes to the point of spewing. I love it. You're awesome. There is also Kelle and her wonderful ability to procrastinate I shall learn more from her over time I think. hehe
    And Vid she's another awesome gene carrier.
    Why does this sound like a golden Globes speach lol.
    Then there is Poida the first one to say hay I like your story and link it in his blog.
    There are many great peeps out there I just hope to meet more. ^_^

  11. Wow! I'd have to say everyone I've met on ts3 that I'm still in touch with this very day! You...of course! I remember seeing you in contest, reading your comments and just thinking you were so cool. I hope I don't leave anyone out..(yes tobz...giving my award speech) Lol!!
    There is Kelle, Tobz, Evie,Zeri,Sweetbaby,Pistolkitten, Chicago,Jake,Tilusa,EvaTer, Akasha, Vid, Repulsive Desire and of course I've made new friends on Cstyles and for anyone I didn't mention don't be offended please. It's 10pm and I've only had a banana today...going to be a late dinner...again.
    I think with everyone I've came across...each one has a different story with it, but nevertheless we have all found we have similar style and taste and wonkiness! :)

  12. LOL, that's AWESOME Toblie -- I'm proud to make you spew - lmao! You are such an amazingly talented person, and it's been so cool getting to know you more at Cece's. ^_^

    Cece!!! We wouldn't have such a great little family without you! You make a great glue, huh. XD

    And don't feel like you have to name EVERYONE ;D -- just share any particular memories that stand out in your mind. LOL no one feel offended! xP

  13. Well I thought I might as well share. I was always more of a lurker, I posted but never really made any friends. But then Phantomhive posted about one of his machinimas and I said I liked it and we talked. So he was like my first sort of friend. Then I met playermarko and we talked. We became friends and we failed at making a site lol. Then I signed up to be a judge for Gothique beauty and made friends with Akasha and lots of people. RD opened up her site, Sim Exposure, and I got to know everyone there. But then most of us went to Pia's site because RD closed her site down. And now everyone is like friends there too :) So yeah, that's my simming friendship.

  14. Thank you for sharing Phoebe! It seemed like you and Kash got along really well. I'm so glad you were judging -- thank you for being so cool with the whole thing!

  15. BLAZ!!!!!!! LOL!

    I have no idea why, but me and Blazaxx just work, ya know? We have ssssooooo much in common. We've both had it rough and put up with similar shit in our lives, we ALWAYS have a laugh on PP or anywhere else where we get together. Seriously, the other day she dared me to chew a sock! (I did it) And that's te random weirdness that goes on with us.
    Me and Blazaxx are right weirdos, and that's one of the reasons we're so good together.

    We often have deep and meaningful chats too, about things like my OCD and her depression, although that's done over PM's mostly.
    But me and Blazaxx have SO much in common it's amazing. And we're both writers. Okay, well aspiring writers, but we'll make it! One day!

    Anyway, there it is. =-D Blazaxx's me bessie.

  16. The first and my best friend so far is Shai aka KittyCat208. We have become friends through the EA Sims 3 site. We email / chat on a daily basis. We have even created a Sim together, which took about a month to complete (she living in the US and me in Holland) She always manages to put a smile on my face :)
    I consider Luciee to be my friend although she hasn't been online that much the last couple of weeks. I also very much like Jessamine, I think she's wonderful !:D
    Starting up a good relationship with Miss Lochness, I think she will become one of my real good friends; just have a real good feeling about her at the moment. Awesome Sim creator !!

    And last but not least, I joined the Cstyles family with the amazing CeCe !! She's def a friend, just like Evie.
    I haven't had the chance to 'speak' with all the members of the ever growing Cstyles family yet, but I'm positive I will have some more friends soon; because I like what I see at Cstyles !!

  17. well, i havent really made any close friends from sims 3 yet. despite my numerous and annoying posts on EA forum, im actualy really shy and socially awkward and dont really go out of my way to meet people. so i dont make friends easily. it doesnt mean i dont like you, it usualy just means im too shy to come forward and say somthing.

    i did however, make some very meaningful relationships from the sims 2 site. 2 people in particular, changed my life.
    i saw an add on the BBS one day for a sims chat room. i was on the forum all day anyway, so i thought it would be fun to chat to ppl, so i joined.
    it was a small group of about 13 or so people that first day. we all had a good time playing stupid chat room games (like food fights) and that kinda thing. some early bonds were made, and i eagerly came back the next day.
    having no life, i basicaly hung around in there ALL day waiting for someon to show up and chat. i got to know basicaly everybody, and i became sort of the chat mascot. and was given the nickname, Zeri. (short for zeriday which was my BBS id)
    i got very close to 2 of the members, dani and jennie. we started chatting on MSN every day and shared many virtual adventures. we shared personal lives too, and helped each other thru some very painful times.
    the chat room had begun to lose its luster and had becom warped with trolls and liars, so we started looking for a forum to move to. plus you couldnt post pics or things like that on the chat. we needed a better place to hang out.
    we all joined a forum someone has advertised in our chat, andwere members there for a while. but the leadership was halfassed, and the people in charge were corrupt and biased. so dani, being the computer genius, went and made his own forum. four corners of the world. because we, our small band of merry men, were literally from all over the world. we moved operations to four corners, and there we stayed for many years.
    dani and most of the others are gone now. off to live their real lives, and four corners and its inhabitants were all forgotten. all but me and jennie remain. its now simpletons, for those who havnt already guessed. simpletons was pretty much empty for a long time, but we refused to let it die.
    now im searching for the same thing i had back them. a best friend, a confidant, a buddy. i have met some great people from sims 3, and i hope that i find that good friend im looking for. but even if i dont (cause you can never go home again) i still cherish all the people i have met and enjoy reading everyones blogs and forum posts. there are no better peeps out there in the interwebs, than simmers. i know cause ive looked! lol

  18. Zeri, I know I've been a louse as far as keeping in contact with you, but I truly appreciate how much you opened up to me in our email conversations. We're so much alike in our shyness and hesitancy to connect with people -- it was really comforting to know that someone else shared that. Honestly, I would've never guessed it!

    You are one of those highly-respected members of the community that NO ONE, no matter how hard they tried, could ever come up with anything negative to say. You're just one of those people that makes being a part of the community worthwhile. Thank you so much for listening to my boring emails! **hugs** I only wish we would see more of you around CStyles (but I understand the time issues)...

    Jess - thanks for sharing that! You & Blazaxx seem to be really close! (I thought about you guys when I talked about the more "infamous bonds" in the community). Even when you're going through crazy shit, it's so much better to go thru it WITH someone! lol

    EveTer! I haven't gotten a chance to talk to you much at CStyles, but I'm going to start stalking you now! >;) j/k! Really though, I'm astounded at your sim creations -- you've got mad talent, and you fit right in at Cece's place. I'm looking forward to chatting with you more over there! :D

  19. I can't remember the exact curcumstances of most of my ''Hai'' moments.

    JK and I used to talk in the early hours of the morning on Sim Sanct chat, because of her work hours and my insomnia neither of us had slept.

    I've had many entertaining conversations with LE, Sun and Tori, we often have brainstorming sessions for modeling competition entries, and steadily became fans of each others work.

    Evie and I met through UNIQUE and sims of the rainbow where we got to experience not only judging along side each other but competing too. I also met Randomspirit, Berrypie and others through Evie's comp.

    Others I merely stalked from afar until joining Cstyles where I discovered that not only do they make great sims and take amazing pictures....some of those that I had admired were dirty dirty woman (Cece lol!)...just like me :D...as well as being some of the most friendly ladies around.

  20. Ok why did I cry when I read EvaTar's comment? I feel like such a crybaby...but *sniffles* it was so sweet! *sobs* I'm fine now... And then Cel talks about me being a glue *bawls*....*grabs tissues to blow nose and dab eyes* Now that was nasty...should have dabbed eyes and THEN blew nose!! Ok...I'm together now...it's just that...*lip trembling* there are just some truly awesome people still in the world!! *just breaks down in body shaking sobs* LOL!!
    Luvz you all!!

  21. ...and PK what is wrong with 'dirty' again? LMAO! We have true fun don't we girl!?

  22. @Cel: Yeah we did and no problem. It was fun judging the comp and I probably would have had like no friends if I didn't lol

    I still have yet to find a really close best buddie sorta thing through the Sims that I email and stuff but I'm busy so I guess it's for the best. I've had other online friends and I know what it's like to sort of drift away.

  23. i realy need to get on Cstyles more. but whenever im online that place is a ghost town, so i have been kinda avoiding it lately *hides* ...dont hit me XD

  24. *throws HUGE rock at Zeri* It depends on the time you come on Zeri. Usually it's a bunch of night owls in the chat box...oh...that might be why it seems 'ghost like' to you. But you can also see that the site is VERY active and def not a ghostville. How dare you!! JK!! ;-)Check out the box girl and get your ghostbuster arse over there!! *throws another rock at Zeri* Darn it...missed you again!!

  25. Zeri, you're really right in saying that there are no other people on the Internet that are better than Simmers. :) We're all extremely alike, and it only makes sense that we are all good buddies. I really didn't know there were people out there that are so welcoming. If you meet the right people (and believe me, it's very hard not to), you're welcomed with open arms - they're nice, funny, and only your personality matters.

  26. @ Cel: Thanks, we are pretty close. Sorta like you and Evie really. XD

    @ Evatar: Aww, you mentioned me! That's sssooooo sweet! *hugs*

    @ Cece: *throws rock back* XD That'll teach you.

  27. Jessamine! What'd I ever do to you? And guess what...you missed me ha!! *sticks tongue and blows raspberry* You know this could get really messy with the rock throwing...how about we just throw marshmallows?! LOL!!
    Oh...have we met Jess?
    Let me introduce myself...'Hi...I'm Cece...I'm sweet, fun loving, adorable and just an all out all American kind of girl! It's a pleasure to met you .... minus the rock of course.:)
    Now where were we...Oh...*picks up handful of large marshmallows and slingshots them one by one at Jess*
    Ha Ha!!! I know I hit you with a least one of those little puff balls!!
    *runs from Cel's blog to avoid counterattack*

  28. My blog is a battleground now?! LOL, excellent...

    Abby - it's really scary sometimes how much some of us all have in common. It's been reassuring to meet so many others with my same real-life foibles!

  29. *passes out rocks* It's time to join the battle! *throws rock and misses terribly with my horrid aim*

  30. I'm super late getting in on this lol.
    The first people I really remember talking to was Fidlerten and the crew, Garbuckle, Magician, Allium, Darkside, Lightside and others over at the showcase thread...they were really cool peeps. I learned alot of building techniques/tips from them. I'm starting my builds again because of Cele ^.^...no peeking over at the showcase thread!

    Then I migrated over to the Supernatural threads and I met Fury, Random, Kelle, Megan, Grace (where are you!?), and RD! I might have missed someone, dont be mad! These girls are hilarious.

    Cece and Cele I saw you all posting throughout the forums and I'm glad I really got to know you two through Gothique and Cstyles! Vid and Evie, PK, all the other girlies *hugs*

    I love my crew!

  31. Chi!!!! *hugs & noogies* I'm so glad you're building again -- you're too talented NOT to be making new masterpieces. I can't wait to see more of your work missy! Don't make me come over there!!! xD *grabs rock from Abby

    Thank you for being such a good friend to me Chi, and for being encouraging with my pics in Gothique. You worked your ASS off in that competition. I was always so anxious and excited to see what you'd come up with, and I swear I was just blown away time and time again.

    You are one of the funniest, craziest, smartest and most talented people I've met in this community. I love seeing you online at Cece's! **bear hug**

  32. Cele omg you are too sweet! Of course I'm building again and continue to do so, dont tell anybody but it's because of you that I am *hugs*. I'll try to get as many done between creating sims, writing stories and wateva else I do lol.

    *blushes* girl stop, I tried hard to take you down lol jk, or am I..lol naw I'm jk fa real. I wonder if we'll end up in another comp together, that would be so cool...or we create one together somewhere down the road...I just made plans for you, we so have to do that!

    I love seeing you online too Cele, it's always great times chatting with you! Now I dont know if you have my email or not, but I'll PM it over 2 u at Cstyles okay.

  33. *throws rocks like a crazy oerson* YOU'RE ALL LATE FOR TEA!!!!!!!

    And Hiya Cece! Ive seen you around I thinks. XD

  34. In real life, my buds are sycho...but I wouldn't have it any other way! And on here the people I talk to are pretty much the same way. ;D You guys know who ya are!

    Ooh, and Jess, why are you throwing rocks? And more importantly, can I have one?!?

  35. Yes, Summer. Here you go.And my rocks are SPECIAL. They are made of chocolate! Yum.

    My other friends on here are Spychip, who is totally cool and really funny and clever, Zeri, who I think is like THE NICEST person on here, and Ashley is mega awesome too! =-D But Blazaxx is me Beestie. Even if she is a whingebag.