Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not very good at updating, huh?

LOL I've been out of pocket for a few days, and I haven't had a decent update in MUCH longer than that!  I'll post something decent after tomorrow -- we're F I N A L L Y getting a new ISP!  I haven't had many problems with the internet provider we have now (Verizon), but they sent us this wooooonderful letter in the mail a few days ago saying that our service would end on May 31st because the would no longer be servicing our apartment complex.

That sucks BALLS because we've had this same service since we switched over to dsl in 2004 (April of that year, actually...oh the irony).  And the best part is, our rate has ALWAYS been $19.95 a month!!!  We got in on a ridiculously cool deal back in the day and it was supposed to be a lifetime price.  They tried to stiff us a couple of years ago and raise the rate to $49.95, but we were able to prove IN WRITING that we had a locked-in price on that.  HA!  I'll bet they were mad, but whatever, we were right!

The only drawback to our current internet service is that our max speed is 1.5Mbps.  That's fairly damn slow by today's standards unfortunately (though a lot of internet servers are slow anyway), but not so bad if you don't do much streaming, online gameplay, or downloading.  We do a lot of all of those things, but we've gotten by (and it beats the yee-haw SHIT out of dial-up).  BUT -- with the new service we're getting (different company), our speed will be much faster, from 1.5mbps to 15mbps.  I'm ecstatic about that -- now my dude can play all the Xbox Live Modern Warfare he wants and not be interrupted by what I'm doing online (and vice versa)!  This is a loooong time coming.  The best part of it all is that our monthly bill with the new service, cable, and phone will be around $50 less than what we're paying for all of that now, and that's a godsend...

So hopefully it'll all workout.  I hope there is a noticeable difference...even a little bit of a difference will be awesome.  Now if I could only get upgrades for my PC...

Better updates to come!


  1. new isp is always good! i have one of those low price for life verizon dealies too, i hope they dont try to rape me too. i dont think i have anything in writing. :(

    we used to have roadrunner (cable internet) and it was nothing but problems. sure its faster on paper, but in reality, it crashes alot and other people nearby using it bogs it up. it ended up being like dialup, my mmos were like in slow motion.

    good luck with your new provider, hope everything works out!

  2. thats sweet! we pay about $50 for ours to but for only the internet. we dont have cable or a phone or anything. and we are 7.5Mbps...over-priced? yessss.... >:(