Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Mean Little Pleco

I thought I'd share a pic with you all.  A couple of nights ago I was up ridiculously late and checked in on my fish before going to bed.  I keep this cool blue LED bubble curtain in there and sometimes keep the light on at night sans the bubbles.

Anyway, my plecostomus (around 12 inches long; just as mean and greedy as he can be) hangs out on the back wall often, and that night he was hanging upside down next to the LED light.  It cast this WAY cool blue shade on him, and I tried to capture it as best I could (I could really use a new, decent camera, so please bear with the quality).  I had to brighten it up a touch so that you could really see him, but the coloring and everything else is exactly as it was (click to enlarge):

Midnight Pleco II

It came out looking kinda dramatic! o_O

(by the way, if anyone knows exactly how to keep a solid image on a transparent mainbar, please let me know...)


  1. oh wow. This is stunning! It really has a beautiful, dark, eerie feeling to it. Bravo.

  2. Thanks Evie! I just have a plain old Canon digital camera, so it's all grainy and weird looking, but it just looked amazing in person. I can't believe he stayed still long enough for me to snap that -- normally he's as active as all my other fish!

  3. wow cool picture! looks very sinister, hard ot beleive its a harmless pleco! lol

  4. lol! he IS sinister! XD naw, he's a sweetie. he likes being hand fed...spoiled rotten.

  5. I tried commenting earlier, but for some reason, whenever I tried, my internet would freeze....


    Dude! That's freakin awesome!

  6. LOL Thanks Kash! You know, as much as he makes me so mad sometimes, I don't have the heart to get rid of him. He's getting so big and he might end up outgrowing this 55gal aquarium, but I still love the guy... ;P