Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Casualty of War

Kelle announced today that she's leaving the TS3 Forum.

While I'm REALLY sad and disappointed about her decision to leave, I'm MORE sad and disappointed at the CIRCUMSTANCES that have DRIVEN her and others to make that decision.  I'm completely supportive of her and anyone else who chooses to do so, and I don't think she should be penalized one bit by community members, n00b or no n00b.

"Guru"Hydra (and I use quotations marks because I can't stand referring to them as Gurus - they eat, drink, sleep, and shit just like the REST of us) really had us going with the whole "we really want to hear from the community about the banning issue and we'll try to do something about it" bullshit.  I was so stupid to think that anything would actually's just that it was the first time one of the PowersThatBe stood up and actually ASKED for our opinions and ENCOURAGED us to discuss issues that were concerning us regarding the madness of the Forum.

"What fools these simmers be..."  I can just imagine them saying that, laughing at the whole thing.  Or perhaps Hydra and PopTwat actually thought that something would come to fruition and things would really change...who knows?  All I know is that the Forum is just as jacked as ever, a HUGE portion of it can barely be accessed, morale is at an all-time LOW, regular members and GOOD PEOPLE are being banned for fucking NOTHING, some of the best simmers are leaving in droves, there is NO official information from ANYONE concerning ANYTHING, the n00bs have taken over and declared the REST of us over-emotional pricks, and things may never, ever be the same over there.

It SUCKS -- not because the Forum was some blissful Utopia, but because we goddamn PAID for the right to post there and make friends.  They didn't just hand us the Forum on a silver platter, it's not a gift, and not even a reparation.  It's a service that we paid for.  When you pay for a service and it does not meet your expectations of quality, then somebody PLEASE tell me why in the HELL you shouldn't stand up and take action?  Write letters, complain, boycott, or SOMETHING productive.  Some of these n00bs (and even some indifferent regulars) would have us bend over, asses aloft and spread wide, and let EA plunge its spiny, diseased cock into us while we just sit there and take it (or worse yet, feign enjoyment).  NOT EVEN, buddy.  Even if leaving the Forum and boycotting EA products doesn't hurt them one little bit, you've at least stood up for yourself and wrenched that dick out of your ass.

Some people are satisfied with settling for the status quo and brazenly expect everyone else to do the same.  Fuck that.  Be militant, be bold, be brave, let your voice be heard.  Stand up and do something, even if you're up against a wall and a throng.  Something is only as impossible as you believe it to be, and who knows?  Maybe we can stand together and actually get TPTB's attention.

Whatever the result, at least you know you've done your part.  The Forum will go on with or without Kelle, Fury, Vid, Random, me, RD, Cece, Zeri, Evie, Rex, Dolphin, Harry, Phantomhive, SS, Chicago, Miracle, Luna, Kam, Athena, or any other regular poster & good person.  Hell, it might even thrive with this hoard of n00bs.  But it'll be a farce of a Forum and a shadow of what it COULD have been.  Is it the end of the world?  Of course not.  No one ever said it WAS.  But that shouldn't stop us from defending our principles and doing whatever we can to be able to look ourselves in the mirror without qualm.

ETA:  I posted a thread on the Forum a little while ago asking a 'Guru' -- ANY 'Guru' -- for info on the jacked up Forum situation.  To my ASTONISHMENT, Hydra actually responded.  Apparently they're in the same boat, and there is absolutely NO eta on when things will be fixed, only that it will take a long time.

I'm happy for the info, but completely taken aback that it will take so long to fix things.  The competitions DEFINITELY need to move to other forums now, no question.

Hydra responded when I was asking about the bannings a couple of months ago,'s good to know that she'll respond.


  1. LOL PopTwat that make me ROFL XD. im just hoping people realize what asses EA is and follow with the leaving. or if they insist on staying at least dont buy anymore of their shitty products. i hope Ambitions isn jacked up when they release it. i only preordered it because that discount code was released and i couldnt pass it up. and that was before i decided that im boycotting EA for sure

  2. *Standing Ovation!* Gahdammit Cel! You go girl!

  3. There are so many user-made forum sites out there- are any of them fucked up for over a month and unaccessable? Hells no. The Guru's are full of shit; they reply to placate without offering any real answers and just carry on shoveling bullshit down our throats. I don't believe a word they say (though I am a born cynic).

    PopTwat made me roffle too : p

    Totally agree with everything you said : )

  4. I'm so tired of their canned answers, but you know that's what you're gonna get. I'm shocked that Hydra replied in my thread, but I don't know how to feel about the whole "don't look at me, I may be in charge on the forum but I'm not in charge on the forum" deal...

    *thanks Chicago! Did you get the background thing figured out?

  5. Nooo! :( I feel so slow. I couldnt get the "better" link...or your tutorial. It just dont work for me unless I'm using a bad image...and by lines...what do you mean?

    lol sorry, I usually am okay with websites/internet crap

  6. I hate the forums with an undying passion now. They suck and I'm never looking back. Making a post once-in-awhile is acceptable for me but if all the people I'm dropping in to say "HI!" to either
    a.) Get banned
    b.) Left the forums

    Aren't there, then what's the point of even going at all??! And the bull-shit of how the Gurus start off-topic threads and we can't is violation against their own ToS. Y'know what? I PERMA'B THE GURUS!!! Fuck yeah.

    I love you for posting this Cele. <3 *standing ovation*