Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What to do indeed...

Yesterday I asked a question: we all know that the ts3 forum is a near cesspool, but why do we stay there and continue to put up with the craziness?

A few people pointed out that the reason they stay is for the friends -- good people that you meet that you have stuff in common with and want to share your love of the game with. Most of us have met people that we connected with on the Forum. Why should we abandon them just because of the dirty politics of that stupid place?

Yeah, we could all move over to some other forum, but as some people have brought up, there would be cliques and in-fighting and jealousy and all sorts of madness. Who would run it? What if people couldn't agree on the rules and structure? At least on the Forum, hellhole that it is, we're all on a level playing field.

So for now, I guess the best solution is to put up with things as best we can. We obviously can't do anything about the "maintenance" issues, but we can continue to give them feedback on how things are running.

When people started VEHEMENTLY complaining about the rash of bans, we finally started getting REAL feedback from the Powers. Hydra started that thread discussing bans & such, and it finally felt like SOMEONE was listening.

Of course, the only thing they seemed to hone in on and listen to were the complaints about not having more forum sections...and we're dealing with the aftermath of THAT shit right now fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it). But it was a start.

I hope that we can use all of this frustration and anger and channel it in some positive direction, make some real change. Here's to hoping...

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