Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vidkid20 Sent Up the River

VidKid has been banned. For what, you ask? She has no idea. No email, no notification, nada. Nyet. I'm still holding out a little hope that it's all a mistake or a forum glitch, but it isn't. They're slowly starting to get the forum just the way they want it -- dead, slow, and boring as fuck-burning hell.

Who's going to be left over there? How often do you see the regulars posting these days? And when's the last time that you saw a GOOD thread that didn't get deleted in 15 minutes? Banning, culling, week-long forum down-time, now these new sections that nobody can access -- if they're not PURPOSELY trying to whittle away the forum, then they're doing a goddamned good job of it. Hell, I wish they'd NOT try to give me winning lotto numbers.

This is bullshit. Is it the worst thing that is going on in the world right now? Of course not. But it's frustrating and annoying to the point of near hair-pulling madness. That should count for SOMETHING goddammit.

This is pretty much what I have to say about all of that right now:


Plus lyrics:


  1. OMG!!!!! *jumps outa skin* when i clicked on that music link my ears were nearly blasted off of my head! (i turned up my speakers to watch a movie >.<) phew. scared me to death! :P

  2. lolol!!!! are you okay? XD I'm sorry -- I know how much I hate it when that happens to me!