Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dirty Barnacles

I was just browsing TMN and saw what happened on Kelle's blog. I feel her pain -- I got cut off of chat when I was waiting for word about that stupid ban. Customer Service...bah -- the only servicing going on around there involves someone being paid to stay on their knees, if you catch my drift. Work them jaws!

There are SO many awesome blogs and sites out there for us...why should we even be bothered with the big O ("O-fficial") forum? You can't say or do anything around there without getting tarred, pissed on, and feathered, and morale is as low as a ho going to the the electric chair, so why do we even care? That place has some sadistic pull on us...there be somethin' in the water, I tells ya.

Barnacles.  Dirty BARNACLES.

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