Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TS3 Forum Ponderings

Okay. We all know now that Vidkid just got banned, and Lunabear too. We know that trolls are running rampant on the forum, but decent simmers get the axe. We know that the Powers That Be are calling all of these asinine glitches "bloopers"...we know that the forum is just JACKED UP and they want to cover it up and call the shit "maintenance". You can be banned for fucking NOTHING -- I was too.

My question is...
why in the name of Will Wright's bunghole do we STAY there? We post pictures and share sim stories, yes, but we also get caught up in drama. We participate in fights and ridiculous silliness. We end up pissed off and frustrated and arguing with 8 year olds. If you are 16, 19, 15, 30 years old...would you waste your time arguing with some brain-dead 8 or 12 year old stranger on the street? Why the HELL do we waste our time there?

The Sims 3 Forum caters to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR, that being the kiddies, the 8's and the 12's (and NOT the intelligent ones). We can't post anything funny -- NO NO! It might be offensive to sensitive eyes & ears. We can't give out our email addresses or blog links -- NO NO! Some naive 12 might give out ALL of his info and get abducted and groped by a bunch of midget pedo daycare workers. We can't post links to content that could TRULY, HONESTLY actually HELP other simmers -- NO NO! Some fuckin' baby might see *gasp* a bad word or a LINK to 'questionable' content! They give us fugly-ass backgrounds to go on those sorry-ass boring avatars and a bunch of puke-inducing stickers that I would've laughed at even when I was 8 myself. Can ya fuckin' FIX anything? Can ya lift the ban axe for 10 mu'fuckin minutes? Can ya treat a mu'fucka like the PAYING CUSTOMERS WE ARE????

If you went to the store and got treated that badly, wouldn't you stop shopping at that store? If every time you went to a certain restaurant you got that same reception, wouldn't you fuckin' stop eating there? If your kid's daycare center was that jacked up, wouldn't you stop taking your goddamned kid there? Then why the hell can't we do that with ts3.com? Why do we not only put up with it, but support the muthafuckers??? WHY DO WE DO IT?

I'm guilty of hanging over there just like anyone else. I guess we all WANT it to be better, and because it's not 100% bad 100% of the time, we put up with it. Women get emotionally and verbally abused by their boyfriend & husbands, but don't leave because "at least he doesn't BEAT me!" Since you're not getting hit, you stay. It's that goddamned mentality. We all have buddies over there that we love talking to, but dammit can't we talk to them somewhere else and have much, much more freedom???

Things will NOT -- I repeat, will NOT change over there. If we keep doing what we're doing, then we're doing it with FULL FUCKING KNOWLEDGE of the way things operate, and we just say 'fuck it' and keep posting. That's about the size of it.

Am I going over there right now to see what's new? Yep. Why? (a) Because I want to see if there is anyone I can help with some problem, (b) because I want to lurk in on some drama unfolding, (c) because I'm a FUCKING MORON, or (d) all of the above. Which do YOU think it is? Which is it for you personally?


  1. I just made a post about.. pretty much the same thing. Isn't it a contradiction they call it the Sims Community? I really think when the comps I'm in are over I will pretty much give up on it. That's all I do anyway is lurk competitions.

  2. we should make a new forum called thesims3.thebetterforum.com lol!

  3. i go because i like to talk to the people there. i put up with EA fuckin shit so i can see my forum friends and share news about my game. i swear Cele we really should start a forum. but so many others have and for some reason they always fail. :(

  4. i have pretty much stopped going there. anyone else who is tired of EA's shit is welcome at my forum. everyone is friendly there. and you have freedom to be yourself

  5. *hugs* Totally agree with you hun : )

    We must be suckers going back for more, but it's the people there I love (well, most of them). I've tried joining other websites but it takes time to settle in really and I don't have the patience.

    Maybe we should just set up a forum to chat on and that, but it'd be so cliquey that no one else would join.

    Gah what to do eh?

  6. And that's what's so sad about it -- there are a LOT of good people there - funny, helpful, smart, talented -- and the shenanigans just drive the good people away. I've made a few friend there that I wouldn't want to lose for anything in the world, but hardly anyone posts there anymore.

    It sucks -- Fury's completely right about the clique shit, and everyone would want to be in control at least somewhat...what to do indeed...

  7. Cel,
    This is one of the very reasons that I started my forum. I am so sick of the mess. I want to be able to go to a place that I can breathe in...have fun...communicate without tiny text and hushed tones. No forums should so confined as the sims3 site. I'm even feeling a little disdain with myself for still associating my forum with sims3...but I will keep it that way. It's not totally dedicated to the sims3...but to the people who own, play and enjoy the game. I don't have censor up so you can't even write the word poop without it being bleeped out. I'm trying to do almost the exact opposite of ea forums. I'm seriously thinking ea forums will be seeing the last of me shortly. I didn't miss it as much as I thought I would. I'm bored with it. I got on today and came across that crazy bag of hot air Jarsie and I swear I have to brace myself. She could get me banned just from responding to her nasty snide little comments. At this point Cel...I really don't think I would care.

  8. Oh...and I played with your balls!! Cute!! Lol!

  9. LOL...everyone loves my balls... xD

    Cece, I agree with you completely. I do NOT want you getting yourself banned over there, tho! We can't lose anymore good people.

    I was so pissed off yesterday that I almost said "fuck it" -- I was going to just let it all out once and for all and wait for the perma-banhammer...but I didn't. Maybe someday...just not today. ;)

    Being on the TS3 forum feels more like sandbox time than anything else. What's the point of advocating the whole "community" ideal if we can't truly BE a real community?