Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dusting off the cobwebs a bit....

We've been working on getting the PC running all evening, and it looks like things are good to go so far!  I'm going to spend much of tomorrow reinstalling all of our programs and games and such, and hopefully I'll have a halfway decent post to make soon.

I know this place has been an absolute ghost town lately -- thank you guys SO much for putting up with listening to all my boring-ass computer talk and lack of updates.  I'll find some way to make it up to everyone as soon as I can. *blushes*

I'm like a kid at Christmas right now...this PC has been out of commission for nearly a MONTH and it's been driving me APE SHIT.  But I rediscovered a few other vices loves (namely Netflix, Xbox, and some books) during the hiatus.  There's so much new CC to download that it's literally idea when I'll get to all that!  I seriously need to re-organize all of the CC I already have....

Anyway, thanks again, everyone, for putting up with me thru all of this.  Hopefully everything will run smoothly from here on out...still afraid to install Ambitions (that's the straw that broke my previous graphics card's poor little 3 year old back), but we'll see I guess.


.....godDAMN these graphics look good if i can get my hands on a newer monitor.....


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  2. Yeyyyy, congrats on finally getting your compizzle sorted- I look forward to seeing pictures of the shiny graphics XD

    -Previous post deleted due to grammar failure >_<

  3. Oh GAWD. Yes, Netflix is absolutely AWESOME.

    I believe sometime in September they start offering MGM movies on their streaming. I think anyway, can't remember.

  4. wb! ooo theres nuthing like a shiny new puter hehehe. enjoy it and be gentle :p

  5. hoorah! I'm glad everything is workin' out for you. Until mine gets fixed, I'll be cozy on the couch reading stephen king books XD.

    I too can't wait to see some pictures of these amazing graphics.

  6. Thankies dudes! I cannot BELIEVE how much awesome CC has been uploaded in the past month, jeebus! I could almost get rid of every damn thing I already have...hopefully I'll have all of this stuff done by Labor Day.

    AE -- MGM movies?! Seriously?? xD Yesssssss!!!!! Netflix is our dirty little addiction around here. I've watched some of the best goddamn documentaries recently.

    And Evie!! I feel like I haven't seen you in ages dude! *hugs* Get your butt back over to Cece's so we can all liven the place up again!

    I'll keep you guys posted!

  7. Oh totally Cel, we have Netflix going through our TV and we have tons of stuff on there. Old movies, newer movies, shows, documentaries, etc. etc.

    Looks like it's Paramount, MGM, and Lionsgate and it started TODAY! Yay! Will definitely have to check the website to see what's available now ^_^

  8. **drools** AE, thank you so much for that info! Between the computer and Netflix I might never sleep AGAIN... xD

  9. Yayz!!! Cel is back!! *doing my happy happy joy joy dance*!! It's been hard coming over, dusting and sweeping up the place, but it's cobweb free now!! And I've beat that games arse TWICE!!! Whose the boss??!?!?! Mez!!!!!!!

  10. LMAO Ceceeeeee! I missedededed ya!

    I'll try to get on the BS box tomorrow, and I'll need someone to add me, and I'll need you to fix my mod status AGAIN...grrrrrr.

  11. Welcome back! I think you'll be fine with Ambitions with your new's seriously the awesomest EP....

    Hugs and kisses dahling.

  12. Oh, and I looooove Netflix! I've been watching Xena non-stop for the past month. I love that show! And damn! Kevin Smith (Ares) was hot!!! Why'd he have to die!

    *clears throat* Sorry....I was rambling, wasn't I....*sinks back into the dark corner*

  13. YAY YOUR BACK!!!!! :D :D :D

    Im so happy things are finally working with the computer lol xD

    come talk to me! i miss ya! i finally have a day off today xD

  14. Kash - sweet! Another Netflix lovah! LOL! I haven't watched Xena in's unreal how many classic shows there are to watch, and tons of shiz I used to watch as a kid! Something crazy is going on with our router, so we'll have to be without Netflix on the Xbox for a day or so, but damn if I can't watch it on here, lol! (and don't you dare sink back into a dark corner -- visit me more often pleeeeease!!!)

    Kellebelly!!! **hugs** I'll come visit you today. I went to your box a couple of times yesterday and missed you. You'll need to re-add me as a member tho o_O I was so glad to hear about your job! Send me some free food, will ya? xD

  15. Yay for awesome graphics and working computers! :)