Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My latest Gothique assignment pic

Some of you have seen it already, but I'll go ahead and post my assignment #10 picture (and poem) for Gothique Beauty.  The latest assignments have covered the Stages of Grief, and the topic for this one was Acceptance.  It isn't very good, but thankfully I made it to the finale:

A midday grieving wail
By eve a blood-raged howl
Pleads give way to pained remorse
And solemn sick denial

I rest here between sorrow and understanding
Eyes eviscerated by the blinding sun
They flutter open with dawn's bright light
Obscured in shadows far too long

Awakened from this hollow grief
A purifying purge of
worn sentiments
Only remnants of woe remain

My guarded heart at peace
at last
A coven with this
tranquil mind
Lost in emerald sage

Echoes of a suffering past
Their anguish hung heavy in grey air
They follow me, enveloped in dark
And bound in unyielding despair

Emerged in daylight and quiet death
Ragged from a long and weary trek
through cold black places
Broken free of grief's heavy chains
cut deep into my skin
Scars and bloody reminders of
another pain

I once longed for belladonna and a
swift death
New life breathed into me
Awash in fate's silvery tide
I trust what comes to be


The other characters in the shot are all from some of my previous assignment pictures (so yeah, they're all the same person - Depression, Anger, Guilt, & Denial).  I wanted to convey that even though Arabesque has been plagued with heavy, painful grief for a long while, she's finally venturing back out into the 'land of the living' and accepting whatever comes from this point onward.  Those dark shadows of her former grief will always follow, but she's been broken free of it now.  Her mind had already begun to heal, and now her heart can follow suit.

...Silly, huh?   *runs & hides*


  1. WOW.
    im at a loss for words once again. i really dont know how you make such spectacular artwork with sims

  2. Seriously beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen you dish out a crap photo. This is just breath taking.

  3. Wow - wow - wow - that's adorable. Great work.

  4. Thanks guys *blushes as usual*. I'm having a time coming up with something for the finale...I have a couple of ideas in mind, but executing them is going to be nearly impossible. o_O

  5. Completely awesome!! Your words evoke such a visual! Lovely work once again! I'm sure you will blow us away with your finale pic!!