Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Need a little input from you all...

I need to start a new project, and  I'm thinking of either doing a series of short stories or something comic book-like, or maybe doing a longer story (I'm HORRIBLE at legacies).

Most of the really good, funny, engaging, family-friendly, comical, interesting, edge-of-your-seat stuff has already been done in the simming community, so coming up with something unique is proving to be a huge challenge.  I have something in mind...but it would be a little on the fringes, so to speak.

So I wanted to get a little input from you guys.  What I really want to do is create something edgy, shocking, controversial, stomach-churning (you know, all the fun shit  ^_^).  It would be FAR beyond E for Everyone or T for Teen, so I'm curious as to how far I could go without completely offending EVERYONE (some offense is fine...hell, I can't please everybody...but I'm not trying to be the town weirdo here). I'm pretty open-minded, and it usually takes A LOT to offend me, but I don't want to go too far with something that will be read by others (and by others I'm referring to the 2 or 3 people that would actually care to read it  o_O).

How offended would you all be with:
  • Cussing/swearing?
  • Partial nudity?
  • Full and explicit nudity?
  • Graphic depictions (pictures) of violent acts/murder?
  • Graphic descriptions (text) of violent acts/murder?
  • Graphic depictions and/or descriptions of assaults/rape?
  • Radical comments (from characters)?
  • Racial comments (from characters)?
  • Graphic discussions of controversial topics?
  • Disturbing thoughts & ideas (from characters)?
  • Controversial religious depictions/discussions?

Please keep in mind that I am a stable (kinda) adult and I'm not trying to release any hidden emotions or thoughts or make a statement anything similar. This is just a project that seems interesting to me at the moment.  Any of the themes above would be handled in a serious, true-to-life manner (unless I throw in  mutant powers or something cool, then all bets are off), but I wouldn't hold back or play it safe/politically correct.

Thanks so much for your input!


  1. I'd love to read anything you're planning - Offesnse be damned.

    A lot of things i've read, have involved some seriously fucked up stuff.

    One story i'm rather fond of, is about a man who has sex with his mother, and then tortures himself to death.

    So no, i personally, wont be offended xD Lol!

  2. Oh that sounds EXCELLENT! Thanks a million Random -- that's very encouraging ^_^

  3. I would like to read a story with all or some of the above. I don't really find any of those examples offending.

  4. Haha, I'm fine with all of those! :D

  5. I don't think I'd be offended by any of that, in fact things that shocking usually just make me laugh XD

    Looking forward to whatever you come up with.
    Will it include your penal attachment? Lol :P

  6. LOL Fury, of COURSE there will be penile attachments -- would you expect any less? ;D

    Thanks for all the input guys -- asking a question like this on the forum would get me tarred & feathered (besides a big fat PERMA), and it's cool to know that you guys are all so...cool. ^_^

  7. non of that would offend me, ive seen it all before too many times to count lol. i grew up watching horror movies :P

    id love to see whatever your cooking up, sounds awesome!!

  8. I'd be fine with anything! I read FuryReds blog don't I?

    The only thing I wouldn't like is nudity and loads of details on sex.
    Sorry if that's not the answer you wanted...

  9. Thanks all! And that's fine Jess -- I wanted honest opinions! When I was 14 I probably wouldn't have wanted all of that either.

    If and when I start any of this, it WILL be graphic, but it won't be CONSTANT. If it doesn't add something to the story, then I won't bother with it.

    Thanks again everyone!

  10. I'm reading a Severus/Hermione fanfic at the moment that deals with Stockholm Syndrome. I'm a huge fan of psychology, and SS is incredibly interesting. So, something that involves that would be cool, but, really anything you write will be awesome, I'm sure! And there are very few things that offend me! lol...as you may know.... >_>

  11. i wouldnt be offended by any of that shiz xD

    cant wait to see whatcha have up your sleeve celery!

  12. Ok Cel I tried to have a semi nude contest so it would have to be pretty severe to offend me. I think the 'racial' thing might be hard to tame in my opinion and a lot of people get easily offended regarding religion. Myself, I'm a fan of your creativity so I'd have to wait and read/see what you got!! :)

  13. Sweet! Thanks everyone!

    I'm not sure when I'll get started on it, but I really want to try. Don't expect much... o_O

  14. Offended girl please. I'm waiting to see what you come up with, sounds so exciting! *taps foot*...okay you're taking too long now, first Chapter please!

  15. Hmmm... This is my first time posting on your blog, and since I don't know you super well I guess my opinion will be kind of limited. If you are going to try to do those things in a story (it def' sound interesting) I would want it to be serious and not just for shock value (I don't think you would but I'm putting it out there). Also if you are gonna do this I would rate each chapter just to give people a heads up you know. All that seems pretty general; I'm looking forward to reading.

  16. Claire - thank you so much for taking the time to post here (and thank you for following me!). I know I don't have much interesting hoopla going on over here, but I'd love it if you'd visit & comment again :D

    I would definitely approach any of that in a very serious, mature manner. One of my pet peeves on the TS2 site was the flippant way story writers would portray issues like rape and abuse -- something terrible would happen to a girl (usually a teen or child), and the next day she would act as though nothing had happened, sort of an "I hate when that happens!" type of attitude.

    I always strive to try and portray serious topics in a mature and realistic way, and it can get intense (isn't it supposed to be?). I do tons of research and get different points of view to guide me in making my work as accurate as I possibly can.

    Thank you for bringing that up, though claire. It's something I'll absolutely keep a keen eye on, and I promise it won't be some slaughter/rapefest.

    *By the way, I saved several of those old TS2 stories in Word documents (a few of the really, really cringe-worthy ones)...if anyone wants to be shocked & appalled, let me know and I'll send them to you* o_O

  17. Haha I'd check them out! Here's my email: clairezy018@gmail.com I tried to start a legacy on TS2 it kinda feel through heh -_-' but it was good practice. :D

    also I feel weird for saying this, and don't take it too seriously, but I kinda feel like we're kindred spirits? Lol now I feel really weird for saying it :P

  18. I'm not very easily offending and nothing that you posted up there would bother me. I pretty much will give any story a chance. Look forward to seeing what you turn out! :D

  19. It would offend me if you DIDNT include all that good stuffs. XD. Oh and I hope you don't mind... I'm also starting a comic type thing :( But don't worry, yours will be better :D