Monday, October 25, 2010

New Blog Design and a Few New Games

I'd wanted to update this place for Halloween, but RL shiz got in the way and I'm only just now getting around to it. Smiley

LOL I'm so sleepy right now that I barely know what I'm typing....howevah, I think I have *just* enough wake-upedness to finish this post!

The blog design has been updated (sorry that the full background doesn't show on smaller resolutions), and I've added a few new widgets (after culling a few others) -- a couple of games, a cute new animal friend, some other brain is so fried....we've got pumpkin carving (no pun'kin chunkin' tho...)!
Smiley And there's a cool/weird World Clock at the bottom, plus a nifty lil' gadget that lets you paint like Mr. Jackson Pollock himself (it's the big ol' blank white box - just hover your mouse on the background to start painting, and click to change colors).

I'll try to have some new sim pics up vedy vedy soon, and a couple of new blog posts as well.  And some type of short story, maybe 5 panels long?  ....Have you ever been so sleepy that you practically forgot your name?  Lolz...yeah..... ...well, at least I think this guys is just sleeping....yyyeeaahh, let's....let's just...leeeave him alone, eh?  Give a dude some privacy.

Anyway....hope you guys all have a wonderful day and a beautiful week and a kick-ass Halloween!  And if you have Late Night coming in the's almost heeeere!!!  And if you don't have it coming, it's still almost here!!!  Hot tubs & hot vamps FTMFW!!!

*And congratulations to the Texas Rangers for climbing their way to the top and making it to their very first World Series appearance in franchise history!  Bout time!*

See you guys in the funny pages!


"Many things--such as loving, going to sleep, or behaving unaffectedly--are done worst when we try hardest to do them." --C.S. Lewis


  1. love the new look! its very sheek :)

  2. Cel I'm loving the new look and all the new changes! Your so creative! <3

  3. Thank you guys so much :D This weekend we had to do some computer maintenance, and for a while we thought that a bunch of stuff from C drive would be wiped - including all my backups and data for this new design... o_O

    If the page loads too slowly, I can axe a few things! xD

  4. I was a little worried because I absolutely loved the look of the blog before but wow!!! I really really think it's awesome!

  5. Thanks JK! I was so sleepy when I finished it that looking at it literally makes me a little sleepy. Reeeeally hope that doesn't last, I'm serious! o_O

  6. Gotta agree with JK - when i first saw the update in the dashboard, i was thinking "Nuuuuhh" Why did you change it?!" XD Lol! But this is AWESOME! X

  7. LOL thanks Random! xD I need to come visit you -- I haven't been around here much at all lately o_O