Thursday, October 28, 2010

Anyone Ever Completely Overhaul Their CC?

I cannot WAIT to get my mitts on Late Night.  I've really been wanting to reorganize my CC and mods and junk before getting it and installing it, but my god, every time I look up there are ten thousand new pieces of custom content that I "must" have.

So much of my CC is old -- tons of pieces from the 'early days' of TS3 CC.  I can't count how many hairs I still have that look more like they belong in TS1 than this game (no offense to the creators -- things were still really new at the time).  Plus lots of little odds & ends that I've never used, and sets that just don't hold a candle to the newer items available.

So have any of you guys ever SERIOUSLY cleaned house with your CC?  Like gotten rid of just about everything, and not because you lost it due to some horrible game snafu, but because you just wanted to start over fresh?

Is it a pain in the ass to do?  I don't even know where to start -- I don't want to part with everything, but I need to get rid of a massive amount to make room for LN and new shtuff.  If you did it, did you just get rid of it all and add things in a bit at a time, or did you do the opposite and just axe things here and there that you didn't want?  I have every zip and rar file for every item that I've downloaded, so that should cut some of the hassle, but honestly I don't know whether to try to hold onto most of it or just say 'eff it' and start over from scratch! Smiley

I need to completely re-do the whole compression thing, too.  I didn't organize things very well in the beginning, and a lot of the stuff I definitely want to get rid of is compressed in files with no record of exactly what is in them.  I'm almost tempted to just create another Win7 account and make a whole new game rather than go thru all of this...BUT I guess it needs to be done.

Any info, hints, tips, tricks or advice is mooore than welcome, and thank you vrrry much in advance!


  1. Nice place ya got here Cel *looks around and whistles*

    Anyway, I had nearly gotten rid of every piece of CC I had and kept a few hairs of ones I didn't want to part with. It was hard, but there is always more CC coming out that I completely forget about all the old stuff.

    I'd say delete everything in your compressed files and start over again.

    For me, whenever a new EP or SP comes out, I go through my list of CC and delete everything I don't want and the bigger files and then I replace the old merged file with a new one which has the Asian skintone, my default replacement eyes, a few hairs and a couple of clothes and start over again with new stuff that interests me.

  2. Hey LE - thanks so much for stopping by! xD The idea of starting over from scratch is SO scary -- I never did it with TS2 (was forced to do it with TS1 b/c I hadn't figured out the fine art of saving yet o_O). But for some reason the thought of it doesn't bother me as much as I would normally think it would...

    And you know, that's a sweet idea about 'housecleaning' every time you add a new pack. Dammit, I wish I'd done that from the start...

    Thank you for the input! I honestly can't imagine what it would be like to have a game full of nice new stuff that you actually like AND use. xD

  3. *And thanks for the blog comment, LE -- still working out the kinks o_O*

  4. Lol, you're welcome. I'm redoing mine as well. Just waiting on some time.

    I did have an ooops moment when I housecleaned after WA, luckily I found the file on MS3B again and commited the file to memory.

    I am usually always sorting thru my folders. Some CC I download specifically for modeling comps.

    I will say after going through LN, I do like the hairs and clothes this time around and may give my CC another overhaul. That's usually one reason why I houseclean. I hope to find new stuff. And for once I did, lol.

  5. Oh, and I'm gonna link your blog to my site. :D

    I'll stop by more often ^.^

  6. I did that too right before I installed Late Night. I WAS a lot of work, but my game runs faster. I just did away with all my CC after I'd made a list of pieces I wanted back. Good luck! :)

  7. Well you knew about my situation with the computer, pretty much everything was gone! but in my head *sounds crazy* I knew of almost every piece of CC I had. So when it came to downloading things back, I knew I had to let go some of the earlier works from creators that aren't the quality I'm looking for now.

    Buuutttt since you need someone to help make a choice, I say throw everything into the trash and start over. Not because I had too ;) but just so you can be more organized. I've come to see that it's beautiful.

    Good luck! *HUGS*

  8. I've done it twice and feel like doing it again. I'm compressed my files but.. some were missing when I did so I think I may start again for LN like you plan on doing.

  9. I got rid of everything and went to download stuff again... I ended up with twice as much stuff as before. I have an addiction that needs serious attention so I obviously will be of no help here. LoL. Good Luck.

  10. LOL RD -- completely understand the addiction, man. And yyyyyour new stuff isn't exactly *cough*helping*cough* the situation *cough*. xD

    I can't believe that this is actually a SCARY prospect...but I'm seriously leaning towards starting over fresh.

    @Phoebe, it's cool that you've felt like doing it several times. It really must help keep your game more stable.

    Thanks for all the tips and input dudes! ***hugs*** 'preciate ya!

  11. *and Chi, yeah, not being completely organized with the CC is killing me -- it's worth it to start over just for that reason alone.... o_O *

  12. The very thought of starting 'fresh' is terrifying...maybe because I've lost my cc twice! I do plan to go through and clean house before loading late night. I have ton's of space on my comp and it runs the game fairly smooth (for now...even cas is whipping) but I fear to just fake it and ignore without cleaning would be a big mistake.

    So my suggestion would be to go through it. Put your ipod in your ears playing your fav playlist and just dig down in it.

    I will be on this end doing the very same thing.

    I plan to update the site, finish up this assignment (contest) and then clean out my cc BEFORE installing late night.

    Good luck!! Be strong! :)Hugz!

  13. Wow! This blog is stunning!

    I did a CC overhaul with Sims2 (don't have enough for Sims3 yet). I backed everything up onto an external hard drive, wiped the original folder, and then went through the list, one by one. Anything I wanted, I put back into the folder.

    Time consuming, to say the least. Probably my best suggestion from that experience would be: make sure you save everything under a recognisable name, so you know what it is. I had a whole lot of CC files that were just numbers or peoples' names, which made it really hard.

  14. @Cece!! **hugs** Oh, I don't think I could dig into it WITHOUT music in my ears! LOL It seems like such a job, but I'm actually a lot more enthused to do it thanks to you guys and your suggestions ;D It's cool to know that you'll be dealing with the same thing around the same time, lol! And yaaay! New site updates!

    @stellelegacybygalatea0 - Thank you so much for the blog compliment! :D It does seem SO time consuming, and yeah, I have a TON of filenames that are just letters & numbers. o_O I'll definitely make sure I get that all straightened out & organized, and I like the method of dumping it all and adding it back in one by one. I think that's what I'll go with! *and thanks for visiting & answering my silly question xD*

    Thanks so much dudes! I can't WAIT to get rid of some of this baggage and start fresh. Maybe I'll be finished before TS4...

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