Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cell Phone mAdNess...Any recommendations?

I want a new phone, dammit.  I had a Razr a few years ago and it was great, and 2 years ago I switched to my current cell, a Samsung Rant.  Don't get me wrong, the Rant is a cute lil gizmo; slide-out keyboard, PURPLE, sturdy, pretty reliable, takes ok photos, PURPLE...I've enjoyed it, but i'm itching for a Smartphone.  I've never felt like I needed one, but....wayell....there are some decent deals out there right now, yada yada.  I don't have a data plan with the Rant, so no sending pictures or checking email or any of those luxury goodies.  I've gotten along fine without them this far,'d be nice.  Our Sprint contract is up in a few weeks, and we think it might not be such a bad idea to not only switch phones (again), but also carriers.

The top-tier phones are out of my price-range now (my kindom for a Samsung Galaxy S 4G), but upgrading later is a possibility.  So far my top contender is the LG Optimus T (T-Mobile), a good entry-level Smartphone.  It has a bunch of features that I'm looking for and that seem pretty good (Android 2.2, better camera than my current one, wifi & 3G, wifi hotspot capable, blah blah blah), and the features/luxuries that are lacking aren't deal-breakers.  There's just a dizzying array of phones on the market for ALL price points, and while I can sort thru them according to what I do & do not want and need, getting reviews from real users is invaluable info, and I'm the most indecisive person I know, so that doesn't help at all.  I'm not stuck on having to have the latest & greatest & best of every new gadget out there, but a new phone is pretty appealing for some reason.

And yeah, there's iPhone....I'm not anti-Apple in any way, I've just never been very feverish about them.  An iPod Touch, maybe, phone, meh.  They're cool as crap though.

So any recommendations, maybe experience with your current phone or things you've heard?  iPhone users please weigh in too >,< - I'd like all the input I can get (novels welcome as always around here), and NOT just from Smartphone users.  Thanks guys <3


  1. Hey, sorry was just random blog-walking and I have a weird fascination with cell-phones... 0_o
    Anyways, I recommend the any android phones but with a longer battery life, because they die quickly unless you have the certain free apps that save power. Do not get the iphone, Apple was in negotations with sprint but their plan's and such were very faulty. If you took the battery out your "warranty" will be void, also it's more expensive to pay for a new screen if the screen is broken then to buy a new iphone. There's a few other silly things with it as well but I forget them. I would recommend HTC EVO 4G and the Samsung Epic. I have family and friends who have only good things to say about them. The only problem is their battery life's arent' the best (which can be upgraded) and having to update all the apps+phone which just takes a few minutes, but it's kinda annoying if you have many apps.

    Also, if you are afraid of a contract virgin mobile has one android phone. They are owned by Sprint, and have had great service (I think better than sprint itself, weird)
    Anyways, sorry if i Just bored ya with alot of nonsense hope this helps!

  2. Bah, I hate my smartphone. With a burning passion. I have the Galaxy S (aka Samsung Fascinate) and if you get it, don't drop it. It will loose IQ points. At this point (I've had mine since September) its a stupidasfuckinghell phone >.< And it's fucking huge. The screen alone is the size of an iPod Touch. It's ridiculous (but all of us besides my mom has one. She's got... whatever Verizon phone is like the Rumor... Intensity I think?) My friend has this phone: and it's small, cute, and I love it. I'm really jealous xD It's pretty much just a smaller version of my phone.

    The biggest plus to a smartphone is just the internet (in school entertainment ftw) I would recommend Verizon for a new service. I've always had them, and never had a problem. Just gotta mention the manager and they'll bow down at your feet and praise you like a god. xD

  3. @BGate -- no no, you didn't bore me at all xD Thank you for the input -- I'll definitely check out those 2 phones you mentioned :D

    @Jakey -- the Vortex sounds very similar to the Optimus I've been looking at, and the Vortex is in purple!! :( Switching to Verizon would cost a bit more, but they have a good track record of quality (so I've read & heard from the people who I know who have Verizon). And lolz thanks for the info about the Galaxy S -- it just looks so impressive in the reviews *daydreams*

    Thanks guys! ;D

  4. Hubby bought me an iPhone... i didn't want one either because I wasn't fussed over it like everyone else seemed to be and I hate having what every one else has. But... its cool as shit. I have to admit that i LOVE my iPhone. So many cool apps, i'm connected with all that I want to be connected with... ugh, I just love it. I wanted a Droid like mad crazy but I'm happy with the iPhone.

  5. I've had about 3 different smartphones this year and the best one by far was the iPhone4.

    I had blackberry, but that is just such a slow phone, its constantly freezing and the blackberry app world is really crap, soo many stuff to pay if you want an app.

    The HTC Desire HD is also sort of crap, the android market isn't as great as the apple store and I have found that getting apps are more expensive there than on the app store (iphone). Not only that, but the phone is easily destroyable, it fell on the floor once, on a carpet and it got a dent from that.

    The iPhone 4 is definitely worth your money. It has some amazing apps, many which are free or come at a cheaper price than on the other app markets, it has a wonderful camera and amazing retina display, the internet is really fast and has never crashed on me once. It looks amazing, and it really is an amazing phone, the list of things you can do with it are endless. I know everyone seems to have it but it really is an amazing phone. People were worried about it not having flash player, but theres now an app for that so for those that used to have problems with flash player, its all been fixed :D

  6. Hmmmmm...that's a lot to consider. Thank you guys for the input btw! I haven't completely stayed away from iPhones on purpose, but there's definitely that 'stay away from what everyone else has' thing going on...

    My biggest issue with the iPhone is the carrier(s). AT&T will never see another dime of my money (and yeah, they're buying T-Mobile, so that might be out now), and Verizon is supposed to be really good but expensive. And do they really not have an unlimited data plan? That would possibly be a deal-breaker...

    Damn, that's a lot to consider. Staying with Sprint will be the least expensive & hassle-free option I guess, and they have a decent selection of maybe I'll wait for the iPhone 5 or 6.

    Thanks again for the input!