Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Two Competition Pictures

So far, Faerie Folk is going along really well. There's a ton of talent in this competition, and I think the next (3rd) assignment will be even MORE of a challenge. It's really helped me to begin shaking off the photo/Photoshop cobwebs. 

Assignment #1: Showing how or character became evil (or good if she's on the less dark side)

It is an age when Chaos rules the world of mortals; this brother of Order, not wholly evil yet a brazen assassin of balance. By his maxim he is not only important, but critical to the resplendent flow of Qo Nàhe, the boundless immeasurable stream of existence. The Guardian Architect spoke of this to me once, and once again in twilight's somber song.

"...Discord navigates the waves of Qo Nàhe...with impulse and hollow regard he sows the seeds of disarray, of anarchy...the radiant blade will lie in wait. His dominion bears down on all, the drowning weight liken to a thousand storms...and from bedlam skies will toy with mortal fate..."

In the era of my innocence the words mean nothing. Even as the heavy burden was laid on my shoulders, my fate to suffer for the misery of Man, these lines of prose pass through unconcerned ears and an infantile heart. I neither comprehend nor give fretted thought to the beautiful aria dissipating through my memory, fading like effervescent si'lescàya petals on a waiting tongue...

...and so he chooses me.

The breath of Chaos Architect enveloped me as I emerged from a bathing spring, and its brisk unsteady wind was unfamiliar, curious. I closed my eyes and suffocated in its caress, all about me slicing, permeating, penetrating, almost salacious in pained pleasure.

With numb weary I weep bitter tears, and the jade poison seeps past my lips snaking the same trail -- I understand now, and my defiled heart surges rapidly within.

He has tainted my essence, made corrupt my sacred burden, and his unyielding grip asphyxiates. My duty abound, I am called to relieve another mortal soul besieged in darkness...and to my everlasting despair I come to realize my role as an instrument of the Architect; as my song of lament draws the pain of melancholy from one tortured being, so too does it draw the Architect himself to me and to my task, and he comes swiftly. With gleaming blade in hand he mirrors my benevolence with his bitterness, piercing a mortal spirit with jade venom and untold, undeserved misery. I linger helpless.

By his edict I can do no right without bringing ruin. I am consolation, and also catastrophe, forever a pawn in the game of Chaos, and an agent of ill will.

...Mankind forgive me...

Assignment #2: We were each assigned a word that symbolizes faeries in some way, and had to represent that word in a pic. I was given "Rebirth"

Ennui, the mournfully beautiful Fae of Sorrows, has endured two births: the first as she passed into the world as a delicate infant, and the second as the weary song of the Guardian Architect pierced her innocent soul.

The wax and wane of the Nie hala Lûn, or Indigo Moon, foretold her rebirth as the sorrow-filled fae, and since that time Ennui has faithfully carried out her tasks. If not for the baneful Chaos Architect, she would live a blessed, albeit melancholy life. Her heart aches for the mortal souls who carry heavy burdens because of her taint, her body soiled with the viscous misery of those she inadvertently hurts.

Though anguish stains her now, Ennui dreams of the age when she can cleanse herself under the Ériol soah Lûn, or purifying Azure Moon, emerging from a glowing cerulean pool and washing away the tarnished shades of her spirit. On this ethereal night, Ennui will cast off her ruin and bask in the sparkling essence of her final birth, reclaiming her true, pure task as the Fae of Sorrows.

I'm loving this sim so much...I wish I knew how to make CC so we could have more fantasy-style items!


  1. My... god. Your pictures A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Cel. Seriously. I open up this page, read, then see your first picture. I thought that was great, then I scroll down to see.. your next picture. It's so, so great! Your pictures always take my breathe away. I'm so jealous lol :) Good luck for the rest of the cycle!

  2. Holy crap O_O those pictures are GORGEOUS - and the writing you've done to go with each is really... woah... i would really love to see a story based on Ennui now XD she intrigues me a lot, and her background sounds so... awesome, Lol!

  3. Congrats for winnig Cel! I got eliminated :(

  4. Thanks guys! I'm shaking in my boots in this comp though -- PK is out for blood! I know her pictures are going to ROCK, and I don't think I'll be able to keep up... o_O

    What I really love about that second pic is that I didn't have to do much Photoshopping at all. The lighting is almost EXACTLY the way it was in-game -- I didn't have to brighten it or use any filters, just a little sharpening and erasing some nudie parts, and a couple of highlights here & there. Nothing dramatic though -- I'm SERIOUSLY impressed with the in-game lighting now, especially in nighttime outdoor shots.

    @Phoebe! I never see you anymore :( Thank you for coming over and commenting!

    @Random - I keep promising myself that I'll write stories, and I never do! *cries* Hers would make a good series of short stories though, so it's definitely on the 'List'....when I'll actually get AROUND to it....that's another story. *sigh*

    @Arrow - I was SO sorry to see you go! I was actually kinda shocked -- not that anyone's picture was bad, but.....I was just surprised and really sad to see you go because you were having SO much fun in this. Please stick around, though, and I definitely think you should make a story with your sim. You know we'd all love to read it, and you would still be a part of the comp in a way :D

    Thanks again everyone <3

  5. Aww, I've just been a bit busy but I do read all the blogs I follow! Sometimes I just forget to comment... well like all the time :)

  6. Arrow I really didn't want you to go either :( :(

    Cel I think your pics are insane and I'd lovelovelove to see your thought process and just how the hell you put these insane "sets" together.

  7. LOL JK...I just sorta put them together...I feel the same way about tons of pics I see tho, pics that other people do that make me frikkin SWOON!

  8. Wow....How did you do those water people? Tutorial please!? Gosh both of those pictures are freakin incredible. Kind of making me want to go see what else is going on in that competition.

    You are so crazy talented lady.

  9. Oh wait... are those the ice sculptures? LoL, they looked like water. Either way, awesome photo.

  10. LOL thanks RD! **hugs** Yeah, those are ice sculptures. I never intended on using any sculptures in the shot, but once I made them I really loved how they looked in the blue light and with all the water. Just sorta threw them in there lol.

    Unfortunately my next pic will probably be a dud -- no editing at all, and I have yet to come up with a good solid idea. We'll see what happens, but if I can at least keep from being eliminated I'll be happy as hell xD

  11. Lol, thanks Cel.
    I decided to do the written part of this assignment, I posted it on the thread.

  12. *drool fest*

    honestly, i need some epic lessons from you.

    like, now. xD i also need to compete with you. why? so i can worry my ass off weekly xDxD

    these pictures are fucking insane, no damn joke. I've stolen the 2nd picture for my desktop, it's just amazing.

    i don't think you'll ever cease to amaze me xD

  13. I love these pics. I think they are my favs of yours so far. Please let me touch you and take some creativity. lol did I just ask to touch you.... awkward! lol